The Center for Technology Access and Training (CETAT) is committed to bridging the digital divide and eliminating digital inequity.  CETAT improves the lives of people in developing communities by empowering members to be creators and innovators of technology.   We believe that with broadband access to technology, along with a powerful device and adequate training, people affected by the digital divide will have greater success in employment, education, and advocacy.

Community Programs​

Add broad statement about the digital divide.  How these programs serve as an equalizer to those no matter the age, demographic, income, etc.  We provide computer literacy training for seniors, coding for teens and PC Troubleshooting for young adults. Our community programs make sure that everyone has access to free computer training. 

Technology Services

Describe fee-based service, and tie in on how they provide support to the community.  services include:  Website Development, Data Management, Cloud Services, PC Repair, Mobile Devices, Network Engineering


Education Services

Describe educational services.  We create curricula, course and modules.  Where available, we utilize open educational resources for the development of these instructional materials.  We also deliver instruction face-to-face and in virtual environments.  We use Learning Managements Systems.